F&B Consultancy Services

F&B Consultancy Services

Who needed consultancy services? 
Existing F&B operators/owners, which includes hoteliers, caterers, restaurants, clubs, karaokes, foodcourts, foodservice counters & kiosks, lounges and pubs, and potential investors into the F&B scene. 

Existing F&B Operators/Owners 
Business today, including the established players is not spared from the intense competition as Singapore evolved itself as a globalised marketplace. And due to this, consumers are also getting more and more affluent and thus are their expectations. The F&B business of today must be able to change and adapt itself, to find a niche to cater to its target audience. 

One of the best ways is to engage the service of an F&B consultant. The F&B consultant is not an employee of the company, so he/she, who brings along the vast experiences of running many organisations, will see things in a different perspective, and the views and recommendations are also unbiased, which helps to pave the way where changes is necessary. 

Potential Investors 
New investors into the F&B scene can be challenging and a daunting task. Before a restaurant becomes operational, other considerations like location (size, rental, demographics, consumers behavioural etc), theme, target audience, menu planning, food selection, costing, setup & kitchen planning, renovations, and recruitment, all these got to be taken into account carefully. Though the investors may not have to do all these, they can employ a restaurant manager to do it. However, getting the right restaurant manager is a question, paying the restaurant manager can be out of proportion for most cases. Setting up a restaurant from scratch requires a manager of high calibre, whereas an ordinary manager is capable enough to run the restaurant’s day-to-day operations. It will be out of proportion to remunerate the same manager to setup the restaurant and later to run it as well, and vice-versa. This will have the effect of either short-change the owner, or the manager, but the latter will be quite unlikely to happen. 

One of the best ways is to engage the professional service of an F&B consultant to involve in the entire set up process, and hand it over to the restaurant manager when it becomes operational. Not only you will not find it too expensive to run, the right skills is also being applied to the different stages of the business. Moreover, a skilful and experienced consultant will help you save lots of money in the set up stage with the know-how, by selecting the right source of materials, ingredients and equipments, and employing the right marketing principles. 

The Co-founder has over 30 years of F&B and hospitality experiences, has consulted and run more than 50 restaurants and chains, from all over the world, in his career as a Principal Consultant to the hospitality business. At Horsepitality Pte Ltd, we not only offer you the services of business consultation, to certain extend, we can also be involved as business angels.