Hospitality Procurement Services

Hospitality Procurement Services

There is this saying that if a business cannot increase its revenues and profitability, the other alternative is to cut cost in order for a business to hit that profit targets and stay competitive. And procurement is the first option to look into before taking other serious cost-cutting measures that will affect many livelihoods. Studies show that skilful procurement, especially apply in a coordinated approach, can help businesses to trim up to 20% of goods costs. 

Horsepitality Pte Ltd is the first to offers procurement resource services on a contractual basis to the hospitality industry. In a coordinated manner (which is similar to the centralised purchasing in some large hotel chains), we are able to value-add knowledge and expertise to the hotels’ purchasing department, which will eventually drive down cost which will not compromising quality. 

Horsepitality Pte Ltd will handle almost all purchases except for the daily perishables or goods that appear in the market list. Below are some examples: 

Some examples of F&B Department goods are; cutleries, linens & napkins, skirtings, kitchen equipments, service trolleys, tables & chairs, stage, and etc. 

Some examples of Housekeeping Department goods are; pillows, bedspreads, mattresses, hangers, room safes, mini-fridges, hair-dryers, electric kettle, televisions, lampshades, amenities, towels, disposables, bathrobes, coffee & tea, drinks & snacks (for mini-fridge), curtains, maid-carts, and etc. 

Some examples of Public Area goods are; upholsteries, cleaning contract, and etc. 

Some examples of Admin/Marcom Department goods are; stationeries, flyers & other print materials, and etc. Horsepitality Pte Ltd will study every product categories and group them in classifications according to the cost and quality for easy reference. And not restraining to the local suppliers, we will source in the international arena for certain common-for-all products. And for a fee which is just fraction of a purchasing employee’s salary, the hotel will gain benefits such as an increase level of purchasing proficiencies and overall cost effectiveness.