Special Projects Team

Special Projects Team

Our special projects team handles the residential sector and other commercials (other than hotel properties), we are the owners' or developers' representative. For developers of residential condominiums, villas, townhouses, detached houses, commericals, or a mixed of such developments who wish to market their properties, both completed and uncompleted, to the Singapore markets, is it essential to appoint your representative in that country you wish to market them. 

Marketing your properties in a foreign land is not as easy as just appointing a real estate agency or agencies to work for you. The work is very demanding. Consumers are very exposed because of internet technology, thus there is no single agency is able to reach to all the consumer profiles that you intend to hit. You got to practically work the ground! It means working tirelessly with every single agent who has the prospective buyers for your properties. This is so because our local context is structured in a way that when a developer only works with just one or two agencies and think miracle to happen, those really working the ground who have prospective buyers may end up finding your fee or commission not attractive as agencies tend to keep a larger proportions of the commission. 

Are you prepared to serve the agents tirelessly? Because every projects are good projects (we have represented projects from the different states of the USA, London, Scotland, Germany, and in Asia and every project sells), agents need the administration support, the assurance, the motivations, and the encouragements in order for them to focus and push your projects, which every developer wants! 

It is not a one off, coming to Singapore to meet your appointed real estate agency, spent a day or two to brief them on your developments, and becomes auto pilot. Are you prepared to come to Singapore at least twice a week to conduct product training to the agents? Who is going to evaluate the agency's performance and how you measure them when you are so remote? If you find all these very daunting, we are your solution.